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Inspired by the cinematic lore of Blair Witch , experience a new story-driven psychological horror game that studies your reactions to fear and stress.

Flashlight? Check. Camcorder? Check. Good boy? Check.

As Ellis , a former police officer with a troubled past, you join the search. What starts as an ordinary investigation soon turns into an endless nightmare as you confront your fears and the Blair Witch, a mysterious force that haunts the woods Experience an original story based on the legend of Blair Witch from the makers of Layers of Fear.

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We're using cookies on our website. Yes, it was true. I was sullen. I cracked a half-hearted smile, as someone who is seen without the clothes of the character they have created to play the character they are not on the stages of life, and said the world was not a good place to live in. Then, I recounted some problems I was facing because of the absurd stance of some people, opposed to mine.

I stated that, no question, the world was inhabited by backwards, insensitive, bad people. Starry Song listened to it all in silence. Would you like to hear it?

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Until one of its oldest members, the sensible and kind witch doctor had a dream, in which the Great Mystery warned that the village was about to be attacked by an unknown monster. It had warned that only after the beast was captured would the Council be able to choose its new member.

Where Evil Hides

That was the Great Mystery confirming the signs. There was no question the predator should be hunted down. Because it was an extremely dangerous task, it was decided it would be entrusted to someone who volunteered for the task. Immediately, one of the bravest warriors of the tribe, a skilled hunter known for his good looks, skills and courage, and admired by all, volunteered. As no one knew what the monster looked like, the witch doctor asked the Great Mystery to show it through dreams.

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On that very night the request was granted, and the following morning the powerful shaman described the scary traits of the evil creature. He also said that the Great Mystery said that only if good was persistent would it be able to overcome evil. Before the commotion of the crowd, the intrepid warrior said good-bye to his beloved wife and son and promised the tribe he would only return if he had the demoniacal head of the unknown beast.

He rode his horse for days on end, using all his skill to track the monster down. At times he seemed to be very close to the predator, to the point of almost finding it, but it seemed to vanish through some mysterious crack in the forest.

Many a night, lying down and being warmed by the campfire, he felt like going back home, as he missed his family and the village, but then he recalled the promise he had made, of the commitment he had to protect all those he loved so much. He was a warrior, and that prompted him to go on. When he approached the undisturbed body of water, much to his surprise he saw the face of the monster he was hunting reflected in it. He saw in the contours of this face the traits of the beast the witch doctor had described. Only in loneliness and heartfelt search can one have a real encounter with oneself, without masks, tricks, lies or illusions, and uncover the truth.

He had always believed he was a good man, a warrior who fed the tribe with his hunt, who loved his wife and child, who was loyal to his friends. He even thought he had gone mad for seeing the face of the monster in his countenance. He decided to set up camp by the lake and stay there until he could understand all that was going on. On the first days, he was assailed by a mixture of disappointment, discouragement and anger when he came to realize he was not exactly who he had imagined he was.

Even the ludicrous idea of suicide came to his mind, as an effective way to kill the monster. What talked him out of that was the recollection of the words of the wise witch doctor that, if he were persistent, good would overcome evil. After the initial impact, he realized he had created an image of himself that, even if it was not accurately true, it was not entirely a lie.

He admitted to recurrent bouts of sorrow, frustrations yet to be overcome, escaping from reality in order not to be confronted by conflicting emotions, despite his fame of being a brave warrior.

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He acknowledged that, many a time, he mixed the sense of justice with the desire for revenge. He realized that the core virtues of compassion and humility were nullified by the shadows of vanity and pride, which made him easily annoyed and blamed others for his disappointments. Often, he would act impetuously under the pretext of being courageous.

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He recalled moments in which he used his might as a warrior improperly, to prevail in petty matters with weaker people. He also came to understand that even though courage was a noble virtue, part of this bravery was to divert his own attention, and the attention of everyone from the frailties that bled in his core, those he did not have the courage to reveal and confront.

Little by little, he understood the need to reverse the gaze he had toward himself and find what he had lost within, rather than fight against what was outside; he learned that the world collapses only when the soul loses balance. In face of so much disharmony, his well-known courage could be ill-directed and cause harm, to himself and the entire tribe. He had to accept and embrace his shadows; his darkest side, the one whose existence he had never admitted. Only then could he take his other face from the dark cave to the clarity and beauty of light.

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That was a chance to be whole; by enchanting the ego with the virtues of light, he could unite all parts of himself and transform himself in a stronger, loving, more conscious person. The travelers passed by the lake and saw that lonely, ragged man seated under a tree with a strange smile on his face and moved on thinking he was a madman.

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Until the warrior realized he had been able to shed light on many of the dark cracks of his self. Enough to know who he was, where the monster lived, the reach of its tentacles, the influence of its advice and mistakes. More importantly, he understood that killing the monster would entail killing a part of himself. They were bound one to the other as creator and creature.