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The great voice finally ended in the early Nineties, but her decades of experience and teaching have been brilliantly caught and encapsulated by Howard Kissel in the twenty-two lessons in this book.

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Building a Character discusses the external techniques of acting: the use of the body, movement, diction, singing, expression, and control. In her new book, A Challenge for the Actor , she greatly expands her thinking about acting in a work that brings the full flowering of her artistry, both as an actor and as a teacher. There is a brilliantly conceived section on the animation of the body and mind, of listening and talking, and the concept of expectation. A disciple of Konstantin Stanislavski and a member of the Group Theatre in the s, the noted actress and teacher offers advice on acting preparations, the demands of characterization, and dramatic exercises, as well as personal memories.

This revolutionary theory of acting — developed by Stanislavski and continued by Strasberg — has been a major influence on the art of acting in our time. During his last decade, Strasberg devoted himself to a work that would explain once and for all what The Method was and how it worked, as well as telling the story of its development and of the people involved with it. The result is a masterpiece of wisdom and guidance for anyone involved with the theater in any way. One of our most brilliantly iconoclastic playwrights takes on the art of profession of acting with these words: invent nothing, deny nothing, speak up, stand up, stay out of school.

Bracing in its clarity, exhilarating in its common sense, True and False is as shocking as it is practical, as witty as it is instructive, and as irreverent as it is inspiring. The Power of the Actor guides you to dynamic and effective results. Ivana Chubbuck has developed a curriculum that takes the theories of the acting masters, such as Stanislavski, Meisner, and Hagen, to the next step by utilizing inner pain and emotions, not as an end in itself, but rather as a way to drive and win a goal.

In his beloved classic, Acting: The First Six Lessons , master acting teacher Richard Boleslavsky presents his acting theory and technique in a lively and accessible narrative form. A Practical Handbook for the Actor is written for any actor who has ever experienced the frustrations of acting classes that lacked clarity and objectivity and that failed to provide a dependable set of tools.

From well-known auteur of the American theatre scene, Anne Bogart, And Then, You Act is a fascinating and accessible book about directing theatre, acting and the collaborative creative process.

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Writing clearly and passionately, Bogart speaks to a wide audience, from undergraduates to practitioners, and makes an invaluable contribution to the field tackling themes such as intentionality, inspiration, and why theatre matters. His legendary course on auditioning has launched hundreds of successful careers.

The celebrated survival guide for the working actor — now completely updated and expanded with a foreword by Tony award-winning actor Joe Mantegna! Talent manager, teacher, and career coach Mari Lyn Henry and actress, author, and spokeswoman Lynne Rogers combine their extensive skills and years of experience to cover all the essentials of how to market yourself, land roles, and manage a successful career.

They also include expert advice from scores of other industry experts — well-known actors, agents, managers, casting directors, and teachers. Life and Acting is the product of more than sixty years in the world of theater and film, offering the kind of insight only gained by experience as both a teacher and practitioner.

Garfein distills his experience into a holistic technique for learning and teaching.

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Professional acting is both an art and a business, and this book advises beginning actors on how to cope successfully on both fronts. Acting coach Margie Haber has created a revolutionary phrase technique to get actors through readings without stumbling over the script. The book helps actors break through the psychological roadblocks to auditioning with a specific, step method for breaking down the scene.

Actors learn to prepare thoroughly, whether they have twenty minutes or two weeks. Rejecting gimmicks and quick fixes, she encourages motivational thinking and entrepreneurialism using an informal, unapologetic and humorous tone whilst sharing information that is current, relevant and from the frontline. Acting for Young Actors , aimed at teens and tweens, lets kids hone their skills and develop their craft.

WHAT do I want? WHY do I want it? WHEN does this event take place? Seven Pillars Acting is changing the way actors approach the craft. Each pillar focuses in on a different aspect of acting; added together, they give the actor the complete skills necessary to book a callback, land the part, and deliver a performance that is both effortless and true. Young actors and seasoned performers alike not only gain a clear concept of acting, but also begin or reenergize their professional acting careers in film, television, and theater.

The third element of the craft, the choice approaches, is the practical work the actor must do to create the choices. Out of the current thirty-one choice approaches, only twenty-two are explored in this book. The remaining nine are investigated in subsequent books. Based on the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and mind-body psychology, Acting With Passion offers a revolutionary new approach to the age-old problems of the actor: dealing with nerves, engaging the body, quieting the inner critic, auditioning, creating a character, and even playing comedy.

A Life in Acting is a practical guide for aspiring and established theater actors looking to make a consistent living doing meaningful, creative work on the stage. The sage advice of veteran performers and an entertaining writing style make this a terrific tool to build career longevity. For the first time ever, gain backstage access to the fast-paced and glamorous world of Broadway. Broadway General Manager is an invaluable resource that examines actual production and operating budgets for a Broadway show and shares contracts for award-winning actors, directors, and designers, all of which are analyzed extensively.

Based on his first-hand observations of fifteen top GMs from nine major companies, Kotter persuasively shows that the best manager is actually a specialist who has spent most of his or her career in one industry, learning its intricacies and establishing cooperative working relationships. Acquiring the painstaking knowledge and large, informal networks vital to being a successful manager takes years; outsiders, no matter how talented or well-trained seldom can do as well, this in-depth profile reveals.

And are you dying to know which beloved TV star and Tony Award winner was caught with his pants down in front of a movie legend?

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From opening nights to closing nights. From secret passageways to ghostly encounters. From Broadway debuts to landmark productions. Score a front row seat to hear hundreds of stories about the most important stages in the world, seen through the eyes of the producers, actors, stage hands, writers, musicians, company managers, dressers, designers, directors, ushers, and door men who bring The Great White Way to life each night. This is the first book in a multi-volume series that will tell the stories of all of the Broadway houses. A fictional account of stories endearing to fellow general managers and inspirational to students and graduates of the various hospitality programs throughout the nation.

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She has been recognized extensively throughout her career for her passion to lead, grow and successfully strengthen communities that surround the hotels she has managed. Commendations include national recognition for community service efforts, sales excellence, financial excellence and GM of the year. In addition, she maintains the position of general manager.

A YWCA Women of Achievement Award recipient and diversity council chairperson has enabled the author to value the distinction individuals can bring to a team environment. Lynn is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a business administration degree and resides in Ohio. In the Poetics, his near-contemporary account of classical Greek tragedy, Aristotle examine the dramatic elements of plot, character, language, and spectacle that combine to produce pity and fear in the audience, and asks why we derive pleasure from this apparently painful process.

Aristotle explains how the most effective tragedies rely on complication and resolution, recognition and reversals while centering on characters of heroic stature, idealized yet true to life. One of the most perceptive and influential works of criticism in Western literary history, the Poetics has informed serious thinking about drama ever since. Aimed at students, graduates, and all those who aspire to stage management, whether amateur or professional.

Complete with illustrations, diagrams, and checklists, it takes the reader through a typical production, week by week.

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This new edition reflects all the latest developments and innovations in the industry and adds a totally new chapter on opera stage management, complete with an in-depth breakdown of the challenges this style of production presents. All the latest stage machinery is discussed, along with tips on finding employment. Additionally, this book features multiple appendices containing stage management form templates, blank version of which are available on its companion website. This book touches on basic principles for stage management for theatre, dance, and opera productions.

Using interviews with other professional stage managers, the author provides a practical, experience-based guide for students and aspiring professionals alike. A comprehensive working vocabulary offers an excellent reference for anyone working or hoping to work in this field.

Television is one of the most significant and notable inventions of the Twentieth century. Over the years, people have seen an overabundance of glitz and glamour on television. Homo sapiens used to turn on televisions in their living rooms to enjoy their TV dinners while watching the early movie, now we are pulverized by news and fluff. But what is really going on behind the camera? Stage manager Daniel Morgan gives you his insight into how the production crew works together to run and direct a show.

Finally, Morgan reveals the true nature of broadcast television and how it works sometimes. It is named in honor of F. Loren Winship, director of drama and theatre activities for the Texas University Interscholastic League, whose efforts helped Texas become the first state to adopt a certification program for high school drama teachers. Given in honor of those pioneer educators in high school theatre who established the secondary school theatre movement in the United States.

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Barner Teacher of the Year Award Open to members of AATE, this award honors an individual currently teaching theatre arts on the secondary school level and who has developed an exemplary secondary school theatre arts program. It is named in honor of John C. Barner, a founder of the first professional organization for secondary school teachers of theatre. Each category is broadly construed to include its constituent parts e.

The award is open to faculty at any stage in their careers; it is not intended as a lifetime achievement award. The nomination package consists of a nomination letter and three additional letters of support. The fourth letter may be from any individual who speaks to how the nominee meets the criteria. Lin Wright Special Recognition Award Open to members of AATE, this award honors persons who have established special programs, developed experimental work, made a distinctive educational contribution or provided meritorious service thus furthering theatre and drama for young people.

This award recognizes and supports these unique contributions of artists, educators and advocates wherever they are found. Monte Meacham Award Open to individuals and organizations outside of AATE, this award honors persons or organizations for outstanding contributions to theatre for youth.