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Thinly slice cooked meat. For best results, make sure it's cold. Heat the pho broth and ready the noodles. To ensure good timing, reheat broth over medium flame as you're assembling bowls. If you're using dried noodles, cover with hot tap water and soak minutes, until softened and opaque white. Drain in colander. For fresh rice noodles, just untangle and briefly rinse in a colander with cold water.

Blanch noodles. Fill 3- or 4-quart saucepan with water and bring to boil. For each bowl, use long-handle strainer to blanch a portion of noodles. As soon as noodles have collapsed and lost their stiffness seconds , pull strainer from water, letting water drain back into saucepan. Empty noodles into bowls. If desired, after blanching noodles, blanch bean sprouts for 30 seconds in same saucepan.

They should slightly wilt but retain some crunch. Drain and add to the garnish plate.

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Add other ingredients. Place slices of cooked meat, raw meat and tendon if using atop noodles. If your cooked meat is not at room temperature, blanch slices for few seconds in hot water from above. Garnish with onion, scallion and chopped cilantro. Finish with black pepper. Ladle in broth and serve. Bring broth to rolling boil. Check seasoning. Ladle broth into each bowl, distributing hot liquid evenly so as to cook raw beef and warm other ingredients.

Serve your pho with with the garnish plate. If you'd like to totally master pho, check out The Pho Cookbook , my book devoted to cooking and learning about one of my favorite food groups! Yellow rock sugar a. Break up large chunks with hammer. Courses Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Cuisine Vietnamese. Thank you for the very detailed recipe!!! I learned to make pho bo from my mother. She swears up and down not to add fish sauce during the broth cooking process.

She says it ruins the smell of the broth when there is beef involved, but is o.

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I am confused because I see so many recipes with fish sauce included. Is she an exception to the rule? Please help me settle this debate with some hard facts. She also. When I make the beef soup, the foam is not that easy to skim by my little spoon, but I will try my ladle as you said, thank you for your advices. Also I would like to add leek and cheese along with onion and other seasonings when cook, which I think is more creamy noodles will get.

I am in the middle of the process, I have parboiled the meat and roasted the onions and ginger. I have the meat in the pot ready to boil, waiting for it to boil…I should stop watchng the pot! I have all the other ingredients sitting ready to go in and I cannot believe how wonderful my kitchen smells.

I doubled the recipe I know, brave move for the first time I try it! I live in Billings Montana and was thankfully able to find every ingredient except for yellow sugar. I was given palm sugara. Rita, Billings, Montana? I think the palm sugar will be okay. I hope I hear from you about how things went! A double batch.

Or short ribs hours.

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The meat is delicious! It is nice to see a recipe out there that is easy to follow for those that would like to make pho but are at a lost. Although I use sugar and salt — never fish sauce. I also swear on not putting any! That just sounds absolutely wrong to me. In my opinion Pho is a very meaty, savory soup that should not be disturbed by a fishy taste. The way I cook Pho is quite similar except for a few differences. I also do not put any sugar into my broth. It is quite interesting to read about that.

But the whole of Asia eats food with MSG thr. Thanks for the insights, Thy.

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Use one of the other. I bought your book, followed your recipe and it turned out perfectly! Do you have The Pho Cookbook? I came up with great pressure cooker recipes for beef, chicken, and vegetarian pho. Ofcourse, most ppl say that my taste is a bit on the bland side but I think being cautious with the strength of the flavor lessens the risk of masking any one ingredient. Plus, if someone needs an extra kick they can always add tuong ie.

What a delicious sounding recipe! Does the tendon really not have to be cooked at all? One can just throw it into hot broth? Are you simmering the broth with the lid off?

Rita Romano's Sauces for Pasta Lovers: healthy, easy to follow, delicious recipes

If you simmered the pot for 10 hours with the lid off, there is not much left in the pot. Also, I use regular uniodized table salt. If you are using kosher, use 2 times the amount of salt.

Finally, remember the fish sauce and the stealth ingredient — yellow rock sugar. Thanks for reporting your frustration!

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I made your recipe for my family and we all enjoyed it very much. The first time it came out better than the first time I bought it from a local Vietnamese restaurant. The second time it turned out very oily. I used beef marrow and skimmed the top of the soup as it was cooking.

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I will make this soup again, maybe next time I will try pho ga instead. I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. Thanks again! Thank you for sharing this recipe. Absolutely agree with the marrow bone and I followed your recipe exactly with a slight tweak and it turned out fabulous.

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  • I added beef tendon balls bo vien and beef tripe. The flavour of the soup is so strong that it tastes even better than more of the restaurants here in Toronto, Canada. Thank you once again!

    You must try them! It takes 15 minutes and it comes out tasting wonderful every time I make it. They sell you a spice packet and a noodle packet, all you do is add fresh ingredients. I got mine off Amazon. My goodness this really looks awesome and I really have to try this one.