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Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - D. David Bowie — Soul Love. Read More Edit Wiki. Soul Love song meanings.

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Add your thoughts 19 Comments. My Interpretation Well, I disagree with what most people here think of this song. To me, it always seemed that this was about how the occidental culture always puts its idea of "love" everywhere.

Love is just another built concept that we use to interpretate our world. Seen with the eyes of an outsider, love is everywhere and its everything but at the same time it is many thing and nothing. I hope i can make myself clear There was an error. You are the closest. It's about being in love with the idea of love, but at the same time realising that it is indefinable and has multiple manifestations.

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D Bowie : Flag Gerardius on June 04, Love gets young men killed in defense of a slogan, love moves people powerfully to do many things, we presume that God is made of love, but love is not really on our on our side in every instance. Flag surferbeto on November 14, General Comment It's about being alone and unloved when the rest of the world has a love of some sort. All Ziggy has is his romantism love of love and he knows that he's missing out, but he's unwilling to do anything, since he's afraid of getting hurt, but he'd do anything to be in love for just one second.

Child Of Music. Child Of Music your interpretation reminds me of a common theme from the original Star Trek series: human emotion is so engrossing, important, and significant that aliens are willing to go to great lengths to experience it however briefly. In Star Trek aliens lie, cheat, kill, betray their deepest principles to experience human emotions for a while. Ziggy is a gentler kind of alien.

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Watching with growing interest and longing. People make babies in conspicuously reckless ways that are driven by something he envisions as an implacable kind of love driving us together regardless of our personal needs or wishes. But at the end of the day, we are all? Brilliant , hard hitting poetry straight from the world weary heart of a beautiful man who had the world throwing itself at his feet.

God bless David Bowie. I believe that the song is just about different kinds of love, like the love of a mother to her dead son or the love between a boy and girl, a priest and God, etc.

It's a beautiful song, really. I like how Bowie can write a love song that isn't just about a girl or something, but just about love in general. Pretty awesome. At the beginning of the book Laila returns to Jerusalem, where both Heaven and Hell are trying to get her to join them, hoping that with her on their side they can end this war. Years ago Laila almost married Beelzebub, now leader of the forces of Hell.

I really enjoyed this book. I was familiar with most of the "Biblical" characters, such as Beelzebub, Raphael etc. I really liked Beelzebub's character, because Arenson really investigated the angel aspect of the 'fallen angel' concept.

David Bowie - Soul Love Lyrics | SongMeanings

How would a fallen Angel feel, leading armies of demons? He loved Laila, perhaps because he saw the same conflict inside her. Laila is a complex character as well. I love the relationship she has with her wolf, Volkfair. Maybe because I am a sucker for wolves, but he actually is important to her character development. Stories about angels and demons aren't anything new, but this was something different.

Flaming Dove by Daniel Arenson

Not only does it give palce to epic battles, which Arenson already mastered in 'The Gods of Dream'. I also enjoyed Bat El, :aila's sister. She's the perfect angel, pious, beautiful and strong.

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Yet during the book she not only starts to question her own feelings and morals but also those of Heaven and hell.